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Follow the instructions below of to turn off tab content display on Google Chrome! Disable showing Google Chrome tab content when hovered over. Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your computer. Step 2: Next, enter the following in the address bar and press Enter. chrome://flags. At this point the screen displays the list of.
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To enable the flags on the Chrome browser app, you need to open the hidden flags menu. The steps are given below. Open Chrome browser app on Android phones. If the app isn't installed on your device, you need to install it from Google Play Store. Tap on the address bar and type chrome://flags in the address field.

Once Chrome is open, go ahead and copy/paste/type in the stuff you see in Step 3 of the guide above. If you want though, you could simply go to the chrome://flags address and then search for "tab-" (without quotes) to find the exact feature you're looking for.
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  • Meanwhile, a new update last month promised up to a 35% reduction in CPU usage by prioritizing active tabs and freezing the idle ones. Chrome 91 builds upon (via Android Police) these improvements ...
  • Enable Google Chrome Scrollable TabStrip. Open Google Chrome on your computer. Hop over to the 'chrome://flags' window. Following this, search for 'Scrollable TabStrip', which should open a drop ...
  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome web browser on your computer. Step 2: In the address bar, type and enter the following URL: chrome://flags#enable-tab-search. Step 3: Now, click on the drop-down menu ...
  • The methods used Chrome Flags, designed for testing beta features by users and developers. Following a simple process of searching for 'tab view' or 'tab grid' in the Chrome Flags page and disabling the option worked back in time. But it does not work now. With a recent update, Chrome does not allow users to disable tab groups or the grid view.
  • You can also try opting out of field trials of Site Isolation to diagnose bugs, by visiting chrome://flags#site-isolation-trial-opt-out, choosing "Disabled (not recommended)," and restarting. Starting Chrome with the --disable-site-isolation-trials flag is equivalent to the opt-out above.